To be India's most trusted and preferred Resort Home & Budget Home associate for every customer by 2020


Exceptional Organization on a mission to create 100% Happy and Satisfied customers by providing them more value for money invested by them in real estate (Specially Resort Homes & Budget Homes)

About Pushpam Infra

- Pushpam Infra is a Real-Estate company that offers Housing and Vacation Rental Properties. Pushpam Infra is led by a team of innovators and dynamic leaders who have changed the face of Real Estate with their insight and expertise. We believe in providing flawless customer satisfaction & create long-term relationship with our customers. We deliver to the expectation of our customers and see that they are kept 100% happy and satisfied. The core team consists of three pivotal members:

Dr. Sachin Chopda


Any business succeeds when it has a powerful master-mind. Dr. Sachin Chopda, an Engineering graduate and a Doctoral research holder in Health-Sciences, is the master-mind of Pushpam Group. Having diverse exposure in several fields due to his education, interests, and ground experience through the family business; Dr. Sachin carves that niche design for each business proposition under Pushpam umbrella. This design is a sure-shot formula of success as it emerges from his intellectual acumen backed by tremendous experience and understanding of market dynamics and customer needs. Catering to the customers in the best expected way and beyond is the key to success in business and Dr. Sachin does exactly this for all the enterprises under Pushpam umbrella! Describing him would be lining up of superlative attributes! An able leader, a visionary and a focused persona who pays minute attention to the throbbing faculties of his business!

Mr. Sanjay Balai

General Manager

Mr. Sanjay Balai has given a new definition of innovation and development by not just creating something new, but redefining the existing things in a modern way. He believes in creating memories and not just constructing homes.

Mr. Shreekant Chopda

Designated Partner

There is a saying in Sanskrit ‘योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः’ which means, ‘The arranger is rare!’ Indeed, no plan can meet its successful end without appropriate arrangement and programming on the path that lies between any dream and success! Shreekant Chopda, Designated Partner, Pushpam Infra plays the role of this arranger. Getting the right things done in the right way at the right time through right resources is the righteous way of making one’s mark in any field. Shreekant Chopda shoulders the role of the CPU (Central Processing Unit) in Pushpam Infra.

Mr. Neel Chopda

Project Head

- With a legacy spanning over 55+ years, Pushpam takes great pride in its rich history; and we are pretty sure that our bright, new minds will carry our legacy forward. He is the new face of the company, poised to revolutionize various vertical with his fresh reforms, unique perspectives, and innovative ideas. This new generation of Pushpam embody the spirit of progress and growth, seamlessly blending our legacy with modern ideas.